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·         Graduated Fall 2016 at Douglas education center, Dorian's Fantasy Art Program, PA
·         Graduated Spring 2013 at Rovala-Opisto media course, Rovaniemi, Finland (Introduction course)
·         Graduated Spring 2012 at Ruoveden Yhteiskoulun Lukio, Ruovesi, Finland (High school)

Professional Experience:

Gary W. Boatman – Graphic designer

August 2016 - October 2016 (PA)

·         Designed slides for presentations

·         Designed an ad for his book and newspaper articles

·         Updated or edited his information in slides and his financial planning documents.

Time Service KY – Illustrator
June 2013 – October 2016 (Finland)
·         Created a design that has been used in business cards and put on the company car
·         Designed a billboard
·         Designed an instruction picture for the company's podiatrist customers

Self-employed - Artist (Freelance)

June 2011 - Present

·         I design art pieces to clients according their instructions

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