My name is Hanna S. Sproul, HSS, aka HiSS-Graphics.

(Where the "i" stands for me).


From what I've heard from family, I've been an artist my entire life. But personally I pinpoint my beginning to the year 2004, when art became officially my hobby and a life long passion.

Before that point I had done tennis, judo, swimming, scouts, gymnastics, you name it. But by the end of the day, art was the only one that mattered.


To me there has always been a certain kind of magic in art. Seeing something in front of me that used to be only an image in my head is simply heartwarming. Creating an entire universe for a story, changing it as I pleased, makes me feel like a god. And having the ability to enter a characters head and feel the kind of empathy that makes me cry their tears is breathtaking.

Honestly, sometimes it's hard to believe that it has been over a decade since I started. Seeing how much I've learned during that time, and knowing how much there is still to learn for me, I can't help but to smile.


My journey is far from over, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

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