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My name is Hanna S. Sproul, HSS, aka HiSS-Graphics.

(Where the "i" stands for me).


What do I mean, when I say "Art is my life"? As a child I tried all sorts of hobbies. I did tennis, judo, gymnastics, swimming, scouts, you name it, but at the end of the day art was the only thing that stuck with me. To me, art was this magical gateway to the inside of my head, filled with dragons, and fairies, and dreams.

As a teenager, art was my haven, my refuge. Growing up I often used it as an outlet to express all my feelings that I was too scared to say out loud. I wouldn't be surprised if art was one of the important components that got me over my depression too.

Now that I'm an adult, I find that art is an even bigger part of my life. Luckily I no longer need it to express unsaid feelings, but I find it still very therapeutic. I feel a sense of calm when I draw underwater sceneries. I feel a sense of adventure when I'm drawing D&D pictures. And I feel a sense of danger when I'm drawing action scenes in my comics.


As I'm leaning over my tablet and drawing the newest page of one of my web comics, I often reflect back to those days as a 7-year-old, sitting on the floor and trying to desperately draw out my comic ideas... "How far I've come since then...", I chuckle to myself.

I wonder how excited my younger self would be to hear about my life now...?

So what do I mean, when I say "Art is my life"? I mean there wouldn't be a life, if I didn't create art. There wouldn't be me. There wouldn't be Hanna. Art is my everything. It's my soul, my mind, my feelings, my love. I breath it, I live it, I express it. Art is me.

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