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My name is Hanna S. Sproul, HSS, aka HiSS-Graphics.

(Where the "i" stands for me).


Ever since I can remember, I've been in a love hate relationship with my voice. As a teenager, I hoped I would be mute because often what I said would get me in trouble. I'd spend my days in school, quiet, and out of sight. Back then, I used art to express emotions I never let out of my mouth. My pen and paper were my haven, my refuge.

As years went by, I continued to dislike my unique voice. It was different and stood out from others. When I moved to America, I also discovered I didn't speak in the accent of my people, which made me stand out even more.

Then one day a friend of mine needed a thumbnail for her audio RP video. Suddenly she fell in love with my streaming avatar, Hissimirri. Before I knew it, she asked if she could add them to her story and if I would like to voice her. As much as I feared my unique voice being heard, I loved the idea of creating something fun with it.

Soon I met other voice actors, who all told me I had natural talent, that I had an amazing and unique voice, and skills they considered already above their own. For a girl who had spent decades wanting to change her voice, hearing this brought tears to my eyes.

The idea that I could create something with my voice like I do with my hands, have people hear my voice and love what I make with it, and actually fall in love with my own voice for the first time in my life... All that was enough to push me to go for it.

Within a week Hissimirri had her voice, within two weeks I had taken my first VA lesson. Within a month I received my first paid VA job. And I'm only getting started... Just watch me soar!

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