Roughly around 12 years ago the world of B-oulder suffered a great loss, damaging the cold sides population by loosing most of the ice people and causing a war. This war has damaged the land, caused misery to many lives and built a drift between the hot and cold regions. The only thing our heroes Brise, Puikko, Flame and Kuma, can do is to try and make their way through this mess, hoping deep down that maybe, just maybe, there's nothing worse lurking in the shadows.

Comic can be read online HERE!

Marid tells us the tale of Robert Jenkins, who inherits an Arabian lamp one day from his deceased father. Inside this lamp appears to be a 400-year-old genie named Grihalamujonana d' Shuzu, who has served RJ's father for 30 years. Never being too happy about his father's lifestyle, RJ refuses to make any wishes which not only angers Griha, but also makes her use an old trick up her sleeve that gives her his first wish.

Now stuck together until RJ turns 25, or figures his life out, Griha and RJ need, or at least should, try to find a balance between them so they can get along and not destroy the apartment.

Comic can be read online HERE!

Work in progress - Comic theme has been changed from medieval fantasy to sci-fi.


Work in progress - Comic name has been changed to Skull Scavs Inc.

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