Commission for me1400.
Commission for Hanna.
Chosen one
Miracle horse
A gift for my friend. I loved the druid design I made him so for his birthday I made him this. Apparently the character turned into a white horse and rescued people, so she is referred to as the "Miracle horse".
Mermay - 4
Mermay - 3
Mermay - 2
Mermay - 1
Commission - Underwater Ballet
Commission for Salcinro.
Commission - Shaman
Commission for Noah P.
Commission - Meeting
A commission for Tazzmo. Pink genie and lamp holder belong to him.
Commission - Mushroom couple
Commission for Salcinro.
Commission - Comet girl
Comet girl in stained glass belongs to my best friend Lisha.
Commission - Elf Druid
A D&D character design my friend commissioned.
A gift I made for my mother's friend's Facebook group. Name means "Diamond Fairies" in Finnish.
Mermaid and whale
Made in the 2009vs2019 challenge.
Commission - Genie talk
A commission for Tazzmo. Pink genie belongs to him.
Forest Fairy
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Legends to be made
Kuu - The observer
A wedding gift for my husband.
Commission for Kurai
Commission - tbonehavoc
Hula girl veronica
Commission for Bradley R.
Jella spin
Commission for Salcinro.
Gift - Flower
Gift for my friend Mekayla.
I'm not alone...
An art trade made for my friend Matt F. aka mordacaiMT in DeviantArt.
For Trepidanos
A commission for Trepidanos in DeviantArt. Characters belong to him and his friend Jessica-Rae-3.
Wyrm witch
A commission for my husband of her Pathfinder tiefling, Ruby.
Temperature Blanket
A birthday gift I made for huhxyz.

Boy in front belongs to huhxyz
Mud girl to Jawbreakercherri
Girl at the bottom right, Kaiyber.
Isabella and Melody
Our D&D campaign has two dragons who have showed themselves, and since they appear to show up regularly, I offered to design their tokens.
I want wings like mom's
Story time!
So one day at work my co-worker asked me about my drawing skills and wondered if I could draw her a picture. Apparently there had been a death in her family, and one of her daughters wasn't handling it so well, having nightmares and whatnot, so she hoped I could draw her something to cheer her up.

Apparently she loves fantasy and fairies, so I drew this inspired by the mother and her daughters.
Green hearts
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Ready for some Mayhem!
A commission for huhxyz of our friends Steff and Anti as Junkrat and Roadhog from Overwatch.

Map: Junkertown.
You're not half bad yourself
A commission for Huhxyz of me and my husband.
Gift for Darksamus
A birthday gift for my co-worker.
Movie marathon
Commission for my friend Noah P.

Inspired by Caravan palace - Lone Digger
An important rule I wish I had learned sooner.
A funny concept I like to play with a lot! My comic character Griha is a genie, but to break out of the stereotypes, she's not Arabian but in fact Egyptian. So what could be more fun than drawing her as Cleopatra?
A commission for Niclas A.

Both characters belong to him!

Loved the girls design~
Late night
A commission I made for my friend Matt M.

The guy is his fan character for my story Temperature and eventually we wrote him together with a cute librarian girl who we both designed~
Travel size
Rose Nettle
Listen to your heart
My lucky umbrella
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A D&D tiefling made of plantation.
Commission - Paladin
This was a commission for Matt M. of his Paladin Dwarf.
Nat 1
Griha from my web comic Marid.
Angry cat
Griha (and RJ) from my web comic Marid.
Baby talk
Fantasy characters
Ashe Brimstone, my 5e D&D Warlock.
I started this picture on January 29th 2019, and January 30th 2020 was the day I finished it!
Fox mask
Apocalypse elf
Swim and talk
A commission for Salcinro in DeviantArt
A commission for Noah P. in DeviantArt
A commission to my friend Matt from Jacob H.
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Systems are online and ready to go
You'll learn to know this lovely lady as "Muse".
Muse represents everything that inspires me~
Poker game
A commission for a friend
There's a tale being told around Ireland of Summer's daughter. They say that on warm sunny days when you're walking through the mountains, you might be lucky enough to find long green hair moving on grass. If you're dedicated and find the end of that hair, you'll find a rare five leaf clover resting in it. If one things they're fast enough, they can run it to the other end of the hair and hand it to Summer's daughter Hibiscus, who will grant you a wish like a freaking genie.
New family
Closing her eyes she faced the fire she had set up, Pomo tried her best to ignore the pain on her shoulder. Cold and hungry, she felt the lingering sorrow getting closer and closer. She was scared. But just then she felt it. Strong foot steps coming closer. She opened her eyes and saw her the two dragons who had saved her. She turned her head alongside as the bigger dragon moved his body behind her, letting her rest against him as the smaller one pushed an apple towards her. She picked it up, sm
The blue moon is here
During each full moon, on a sea far away, if you shut the motor of your boat and let the surface calm down, you might witness something amazing. Just as everything goes quiet, you can look down and thousands of lights start moving up towards you. Kalaile's start appearing on the surface one by one, facing the moon at midnight. If you're lucky, they might just invite you to join them as they perform their song to the goddess of moon.
On her way
Runni and Stuifmeel
Multi-color hair boy belongs to Jacob H.
My husband commissioned me to make his D&D character Sofia with her familiar.
Rainy morning
Friend like me
Picture inspired by "Friend like me" by Ne-Yo.

Male's outfit is also inspired by Flynt Coal from RWBY.
wind, take me away
Not sad, just resting
Movie night
Ice dancer
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The explorer
Character belongs to Christina Lewis.
The Higher being
Scream and shout
You decorated my life
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Blue moon
Sky and Fuego
The morning dew
Water shall soften my fall
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