Kuu - The observer
A wedding gift for my husband.
Chosen one
Commission - Underwater Ballet
Commission for Salcinro.
Inspired by Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
Temperature Blanket
A birthday gift I made for huhxyz.

Boy in front belongs to huhxyz
Mud girl to Jawbreakercherri
Girl at the bottom right, Kaiyber.
A gift I made for my mother's friend's Facebook group. Name means "Diamond Fairies" in Finnish.
Mermaid and whale
Made in the 2009vs2019 challenge.
Wyrm witch
A commission for my husband of her Pathfinder tiefling, Ruby.
You're not half bad yourself
A commission for Huhxyz of me and my husband.
Commission - Comet girl
Comet girl in stained glass belongs to my best friend Lisha.
Miracle horse
A gift for my friend. I loved the druid design I made him so for his birthday I made him this. Apparently the character turned into a white horse and rescued people, so she is referred to as the "Miracle horse".
Commission - Meeting
A commission for Tazzmo. Pink genie and lamp holder belong to him.
A birthday gift for my co-worker.
Forest Fairy
Mermay - 4
Mermay - 2
Mermay - 1
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Mermaid and whale

Made in the 2009vs2019 challenge.